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Chasing Game Capture

Chasing Game and Physical Play

Capture is a chasing game.


At School 17

Players: 5
Age: 9-11

This chasing game was being played by 5 girls in the 9 - 11 age groups. One of them was obviously 'it' or 'in' and was chasing the others. Once she had caught another player, she would escort them to the pines area where there is a large sliding gate. She would 'trap' the caught player in there and then proceed to chase the others. The first player who was caught and trapped would ensure that the others couldn't get out and often play was joyfully broken while the girls giggled and tried to escape. After all had been caught, the first person who was trapped would be 'it', and the game started all over again.

This game was played spontaneously and no counting out rhymes were observed in terms of deciding who was 'in'. It also appeared that there weren't any strict rules. At one stage one of the girls protested that her capture had been unfair and the group negotiated that she could be let off and freed.

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