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Miscellaneous Physical Play Digging and creating car seats in the ground and pretending to drive.

Dramatic Play, Imaginary Play and Physical Play

Children used props to create pretend cars in the playground.


At School 17

Players: 4
Age: 10-11

Four boys from the 10s 11s class were in 'The Pines' creating what looked like an imaginary car on the ground. They had built a rectangular frame using long straight sticks and had dug a hole in the earth. When being observed they were placing two plastic chair backs side-by-side into the hole that they had dug. They were taking it in turns to make sure that it had been built correctly and that the chairs were sitting properly. As the researcher left, they were beginning to sit in the chairs and pretend they were racing cars.

Played at

  • School 17

    This activity was completely spontaneous and researcher was not carrying a video camera on day two when this was observed.

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