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Game Using Computer Technology Creating animations and music on computers

Computer Play and Games with Technology

Children use computer to create music, animations and animated short stories or sequences.


At School 17

Four boys were each on a computer of their own in the library and said that they regularly spent all of their free time on library computers. Two were using the computer program 'Garage Band' to compose music while the other two were using 'Powerpoint' to create animations and animated short stories or sequences.

All classrooms have their own computers and it was noted that at fruit and recess these computers would usually be in use by students. Apart from the computer programs mentioned above, students also said that they used 'Comic Life' to create comic strips, and also used webcam to take images of themselves and distort the pictures.


23 April 2008
Video Made - Cannot be shown publicly because a child without consent is clearly visible.

Played at

  • School 17

    This activity took place in the library

    Date: 2008