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At some schools, graffiti is considered part of the 'material culture' of the environment.


At School 17

After talking about playing in the library, one student commented that there was lots of graffiti underneath the stairs and also underneath the tables in the library. Obviously embarrassed to have transmitted this information, he left. After looking in these places it was obvious that this is a well known place to write graffiti among students.

Graffiti under tables included:
*** sucks poo, if you are reading this fuck you, *** was stoned, cows make milk!, *** is the biggest loser on earth, *** is cool, *** sucks shit, I want to fuck ***, *** is a bastard, pink and purple polka doted frog, I hate you, horses suck, die, *** is gay, *** was here, *** loves ***

Graffiti under stairs included:
Botom bum, *** fucked him self, me ***and me fuck myself, condom poped when he was fucked, *** is da best, *** is a fuckwitt, *** is a bitch, *** is a smeg head, *** and *** had sex, I like *** from *** and I want to suck her dick

Played at

  • School 17

    Graffiti was recorded under desks in the library and under a small staircase in the library.

    Date: 2008