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Chasing Game CC lock forever

Chasing Game and Forbidden Game
Alternative Names
  • CC lock for life

CC Lock forever is a tiggy game with four versions, including a 'bullying' version.


At School 14

Players: Several
Boys and Girls
Age: 6 - 10
Props: Sometimes a Pole to finish

CC lock forever (or CC lock for life) is a form of tiggy where some of the players in certain play periods may be unaware of which version they are playing. The four versions are

  • 1. Tiggy version, just a plain tiggy version without connotations,
  • 2: Superstition version, where the player who is 'it' is attempting to put a curse on the other players,
  • 3.Germs version, where the 'it' player is attempting to transfer germs to the other players (and therefore getting rid of the germs they are transferring), and
  • 4: Bullying version, where the 'it' player is transferring the contamination from a certain particular unpopular (highly teased) student at the school. In this version they will say the person's name when tagging the player they have caught. They often choose the name of a student who they consider to be generally smelly, unwashed ugly or unpopular for other reasons (of whom they are possibly physically unafraid).

Barley in this game is universally accepted as interlocking, or interlinking circled thumb and forefingers of each hand, as in two links of a chain, in combination with saying 'CC lock for ever' or 'CC lock for life'. The last person to be 'it' in the three latter versions can get rid of the curse or germs by transferring it to a pole on the way into class. This game was played at my own school of Vermont Primary where the game would go into hibernation till the next play period, at which time the 'it' person would continue the game. At Vermont there was no 'barley' saying that I remember.

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