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Ball Game Chair Ball

Ball Game, Physical Play, Play with Equipment/Props and Teacher aided game

In Chair Ball, children are divided into 2 teams. Either team starts with the ball. Students have to throw the ball back and forward across the chairs. To gain team members attention students clap hands - if they talk they are out.

To get an opposing team member out, one of following can be done.

  • they need to hit them below the knees with the ball.
  • Catch the ball on a full throw.
  • Catch the ball on a full throw then drop it.
To get team members back in students must throw the ball on a full, through the opposite teams goal.

First team to get opposing team out wins.


At School 16

Players: 28
Boys and girls
Age: 9-10
Props: Long seats and a netball

This was a teacher directed activity played at School 16 P.S.

Played at