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Miscellaneous Physical Play Piggy backs

Forbidden Game and Physical Play

In Piggy Backs, one child rides around on another child's back.


At School 16

Players: 3
Age: 8
Props: None

Girls were taking turns in piggybacking each other. One would stand near the seat, another would stand up on the seat and climb onto her back. The third one would just walk with them. Them they would swap around. When I asked them if they were allowed to play this game their answer was "The teacher hasn't told us not too". I found this interesting as in my experience this type of activity is not allowed due to safety concerns.

At School 08

Players: 2
Girls and Boys
Age: 8 (m) 6 (f)

A boy was carrying a girl on his back 'piggyback' style. Then another boy came along and began to piggyback the first boy, and a teacher came along and called out, 'Don't do that! Don't do that!' so they stopped. They use the word 'piggyback'.

At School 18

Players: 4
Age: 6

Piggyback rides then falling down.

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