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Imaginative Play Stinky Hotel

Dramatic Play and Imaginary Play

Stinky Hotel is a game of pretend. The hotel in this case is known as Stinky Hotel (It has poo in it) and is played under a shady Ficus tree. A nearby and smaller tree acts as the gate to the hotel. Participants play roles of manager, builder, guest, shopkeeper in hotel . Leaves/twigs act as items for sale and the leaves also as pretend money. Grass stems with seed heads act as pens. There is a 'movie theatre' nearby. A second hotel 'exists' under a Cootamundra Wattle tree behind the performance stage at the amphitheatre. The pond at this site represents a swimming pool.


At School 09

Players: 5
Girls and Boys
Age: 8-9
Props: Trees, twigs, leave, pond, earth

Played at