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    Chalk drawings on the playground surface

Miscellaneous Activity Drawing with Chalk

Miscellaneous Play and Play with Equipment/Props
Alternative Names
  • Drawing on a tree with charcoal (At School 18)

Children are allowed to draw on the asphalt with chalk.


At School 09

Players: 10-12
Girls and Boys
Age: 6-8
Props: Bucket Chalk provided for children by the parents

Children drew a variety of things, including hopscotch patterns, tracks and paths, patterns shapes.

When the children drew the hopscotch patterns they would gerenally draw long meandering patterns of small squares that couldn't really be used to play hopscotch.

At School 08

Players: 1
Age: 7

A boy drawing shapes with chalk on the asphalt by himself.

At School 18

Players: 1
Age: 8

Drawing on tree trunk with charcoal.

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