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Miscellaneous Physical Play Mushi-Mushi

Forbidden Game, Physical Play and Play with Equipment/Props

Mushi-Mushi is a game made-up by the participants which is only played on the Rainbow Serpent sculpture. The 'King' stands on the highest part of the serpent's body and others attempt while standing on other sections of the body, to push him off on to the ground and take his place as king. The rule is - 'No pushing from ground level.' More than one can be involved in the pushing at one time to dethrone the king.

To begin the game, it can start from anywhere with participants running to the sculpture. The first to arrive becomes king.

With two players attempting to dethrone the king, one player can distract the king while the other tries to dethrone him.

With a number of participants teams are permissible. The king is allowed 2 bodyguards if this is the case.

Pronunciation: "Mooshi-Mooshi"


At School 09

Players: 4
Age: 7-8
Props: Rainb ow serpeant sculpture.

Children understand this to be a banned game. They will play it freely, however, if they don't think anyone is watching.

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