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Hiding Game Marco Polo Build Up Tips

Chasing Game, Hiding Game and Physical Play

Marco Polo Build Up Tips is a hiding game played in a confined space where the person who is 'It' closes his eyes and calls out 'Marco'. Those playing must respond by saying 'polo'.'It' tries to find people through these voice messages and tip (touch) them.

Tip is a term for chasing games.


At School 09

Players: 6-8
Age: 8-9

At School 13

Players: 6+
Age: 10

After using the selection game 21 the nominated 'in' person closed their eyes and had to tag the rest of the players. In helping to locate the players the 'in' person called "Marco" to which the other players answered "Polo". The reply was to help the 'in' person listen to where the sound was coming from and be able to tag them. The girls always played this game on the playground equipment. The players could run around the equipment but not away from it.

Note: This is a popular game played in the swimming pool, where the same rules apply and all players must stay in
the water.

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  • 21

    Used to decide 'It' at School 13

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