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Miscellaneous Activity Rubbish


Picking up rubbish was done as a punishment at one school.


At School 08

Players: 2
Age: 9-10
Metal kitchen tongs, plastic bucket, rubber gloves

Two boys were walking around the oval picking up papers and other rubbish. They were both wearing rubber gloves and carrying long metal kitchen tongs for picking up the rubbish, and one carried a bucket with papers and wrappers, etc. in it. When I asked them how they came to have that job they said they were doing it because they 'accidentally weren't playing sensibly'.

NOTE: The school has a policy of positive behaviour reinforcement to do with the principles of CARE, RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT. Children in the playground are given a square of paper with a smiley face printed on it if they are seen to be to be being friendly, kind and helpful; playing safely and looking after property; keeping the yard safe and clean; owning up; solving problems safely; lining up on the bell, playing cooperatively or using good manners. When they have five smiley faces they are allowed to choose a small item from the 'treasure box' and their name is put in the next school newsletter.

Inappropriate behaviour is discouraged in several ways: taking 'time out' by sitting on one of the painted spots scattered around the asphalt areas; having to walk with a teacher; having to sit on a bench; having to do community service or other duties. These are 'low level yard consequences'.

For more serious behaviour issues ¬- violence; threatening good order; threatening safety or wellbeing; acting illegally, and interfering with the rights of others - children are sent to the Focus Room. Depending how serious the incident is, there could be discussion with a counsellor, and sometimes a report is sent to the Education Dept. for a possible visit by support workers. Parents are always notified straight away. For full explanation, listen to the interview with Principal Patrick Moran.

The children respond very positively to the smiley faces, and individual teachers also use stickers, beads, etc. in their classrooms for the same purpose.

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