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Ball Game Piggy in the middle

Ball Game and Physical Play

Piggy in the middle is a game of 'keepings off' played with a ball.


At School 08

Players: 3
Age: 9
Props: A ball and four cones.

This is a traditional game of 'Piggy in the middle' taught to the children by one of the children's mothers. Three players stand in a row. The end players face each other and the middle player faces the end player that holds the basket ball sized ball (approx 1 foot / 300 cms in diameter). The player with the ball throws the ball over the middle player's head while the middle player attempts to catch the ball. If the middle player catches the ball they take the end that the ball was thrown from and becomes the thrower. The cones are set out as perimeters outside of which the middle player cannot step while 'piggy in the middle'.

Another game was played involving older and younger children.

Players: 5
Age: 3 x 6 yo 2 x 11 yo

These girls were all standing together under a covered walkway. They had a small soft ball. One of the older girls threw the ball up and over the heads of the younger girls to the other older girl.

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