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Ball Game Wall ball

Ball Game and Physical Play

Sometimes children will use the wall as the solid surface to bounce against, as opposed to the four square court.


At School 10

Players: 6+
Girls and Boys
Age: 11-12

Players strike the ball with their hand against the wall. They take turns in hitting the ball. If the hit ball misses the wall, the person who hit the ball is out. Another player takes this persons place.

At School 05

Players: 3
Age: 11-12

This game is like Down Ball played against a wall.

One boy serves the ball by hitting it with his hand. The ball has to bounce on the ground and then rebound off the wall.
The boy next to him must hit the ball before it touches the ground, and bounce it off the ground onto the wall again.
The game goes on until someone misses the ball.
The person who missed the ball goes and stands with his back against the wall. The other players start playing again, but this time they have to try to hit the boy who is against the wall. The boy is allowed to dodge the ball, but must keep contact with the wall. When he is hit, he is 'out'.

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