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Ball Game A Cooperation Game

Ball Game and Quiet Play

This was a game played to fill time while children were waiting for a relief teacher to come.


At School 10

Players: 16 (a whole class)
Boys and Girls
Age: 9
Props: small footballs, ping pong balls

This game was being played during class time while the children were waiting for a relief teacher to come and take their class, due to illness of their teacher.

Student formed up into 2 groups of 8, standing with a partner opposite them and about a metre distant. First activity was to pass a small football to each person in the group, making sure that that person was ready to receive the ball, by calling their name. See diagram for the direction of passing of the ball.

Then the ping pong ball was passed in a similar way. But in this case if the ball was dropped the ball had to be returned to the start, for the game to continue. The aim was to complete the round without dropping the ball. Again emphasis was placed on calling the name of the person to whom the ball was being passed to.

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