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Miscellaneous Activity Making piles of leaves and rocks

Construction Game, Forbidden Game and Miscellaneous Physical Play
Alternative Names
  • Making a leaf 'seat'
  • Making Bouquets

Children will use materials available to them in the playground to construct hills. Autumn leaves are an, obviously, seasonal plaything.


At Qeanbeyan

Players: 4
Girls and Boys
Age: 6-7

Collecting fallen leaves on asphalt and forming a 'hill'.

A variation on this was to throw the leaves up in the air. Lots of children did this , mainly in the younger years brackets.

Another variation was to collect bouquets of leaves for a teacher. (game played by girls)

Still another variation was to make a seat with the leaves. Creating a 'seat' in curve of tree root. Packed with leaves to 'keep my bum clean'. (game played by boys.)

Other kinder kids were seen picking up leaves from drain to stockpile and 'eat'.


Players: 2
Age: 10

Stone pile. Standing on top and falling off.

At School 05

Players: 2
Age: 9

A girl was kneeling on the ground (artificial turf) behind the low wall of the Agora. She had some leaves taken from a nearby tree and she was sweeping them into a pile with a 'broom' - a small twig with leaves on it. The girl who was with her kept on telling her she'd get into trouble for pulling the leaves off the tree, but the girl kept on playing.

When I approached to talk with her she sat on the leaves to try to hide them until I told her I was only interested in the game she was playing. She demonstrated how she was sweeping the leaves into a pile with her 'broom', and said she liked playing with leaves and flowers, but that they aren't allowed to pick leaves or plants at school. She plays with natural materials at home.

This is the only example of play with natural materials that I observed during the week.

NB: The children are not allowed to pick leaves, flowers or plants at School 05

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