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Miscellaneous Activity Key Rings

Play with Equipment/Props

Students sometimes use key rings to personalise their bags and belongings.


At School 05

Players: Several
Boys and female
Age: 13
Props: Key Rings

The Year 7 students personalise their locker-key rings by attaching small objects to them. Not everyone does this, but I was told it was common among boys as well as girls, and saw some examples:

  • Keyring 1 (girl): Locker key, USB flash drive tucked into a very tiny sneaker, a tiny pink teddy bear, a 'Hello Kitty' cat, several charms and a pink ribbon lanyard.
  • Keyring 2 (girl): Locker key, a stone from Canada engraved with a picture of a bear, a clip and a little clock shaped like a heart. (see photos)
  • Keyring 3 (boy): Locker key, Mickey Mouse clip, extra keys, plastic fish
  • Keyring 5 (boy): Locker key, 'Cars' (Pixar movie) lanyard, large clip, metal tag
  • Keyring 6 (girl): Locker key, pink toy pig with wobbling head, USB flash drive, 'Surfagirl' lanyard
  • Keyring 7 (girl): Locker key, 'Billabong' (surfing apparel) lanyard, USB flash drive, 2 'jewel' charms, miniature toy character, miniature thong (flip-flop)

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