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Miscellaneous Physical Play Fruit Salad

Physical Play and Running Game

Fruit salad is a running game where children are also required to strategise.


At School 13

Players: 4
Age: 10

One person 'it' is selected to stand a distance apart from the rest of the players. This person names a category that the other players must choose an answer to e.g. favourite colour is the category. The players must then nominate their answer to one of the players on their side, e.g. red, purple, green. This player then calls out the response and the 'it' player calls out one of the responses e.g. purple. The player whose response was selected then has to run to 'its' place, while 'it' runs to the team i.e. exhanging places, and then back. On returning to their original place the two players call out 'fruit salad'. The first person to call out becomes 'it'.

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