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Research Team

The research for Childhood, Tradition and Change was conducted by a multidisciplinary team of scholars and industry partners with internationally recognised research strengths in Australian social and cultural history, folklore studies and cultural heritage.

Professor Kate Darian-Smith (Chief Investigator)
The University of Melbourne

Professor William Logan (Chief Investigator)
Deakin University

Professor Graham Seal (Chief Investigator)
Curtin University of Technology

Dr Gwenda Davey (Principal Researcher)
Deakin University

Dr June Factor (Principal Researcher)
The University of Melbourne

Dr Richard Gillespie (Industry Partner)
Museum Victoria

Ms Margy Burn (Industry Partner)
National Library of Australia

Dr Nikki Henningham (Project Officer)
The University of Melbourne


  • Mr Graham Dodsworth
  • Mr Gordon Dowell
  • Dr Jennifer Gall
  • Ms Sally Grant
  • Ms Ruth Hazelton
  • Ms Judy McKinty
  • Mrs Olya Willis
  • Mr Robert Willis