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Language Play Jokes

Language Play
Alternative Names
  • Teasing (At School 05)

Children will spend time just telling jokes to one another and just mucking around, teasing each other. More likely to be a thing that older children do.


At School 04

Players: 6
Age: 12

Collected during lunch, in response to my question to a Age: 6 boy about whether he knew any riddles or jokes. There were about 5-6 boys involved in the session, but not all at the same time. The 'your mum's so fat' jokes were known to several of the boys, the racist Aboriginal jokes all came from the same boy, the rest were spread out over the group.

Some examples:

  • Your mum's so fat that when she went outside in a yellow t-shirt someone called out "TAXI!"
  • Your mum's so fat that when she farts people assume she's the cause of global warming.
  • Your mum's so fat that she ate the Milky Way for breakfast.
  • Q. What do you do when a dumb person throws a grenade at you? A. Pull the pin out and throw it back at them.
  • Q. What do you call the last M and M in the packet? A. 'M'

At School 05

Players: 6
Boys and Girls
Age: 12-13

I photographed a few locker key attachments belonging to students among a group in Year 7. When I had finished, one boy picked up a girl's locker keys as a joke, without her seeing him. When she asked who had her keys he denied taking them, so she asked around and soon found out he had them. Then he held them up and laughed while he shook them so she could see them. She called out, 'You have got them! I knew it!' and ran over to get them from him. They were both laughing, and she grabbed him and held him while she took her keys back. When she had her keys he called out, 'Hey! Don't nipple cripple me, man!' and everyone laughed.

The group consisted of students from several different ethnic backgrounds, but they all spoke with broad Australian accents.

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