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School School 04

Queensland, Australia
Independent School and Primary School

Fieldworkers visited School 04 in a mild week of winter of 2009. It is a non-government boys' school located in metropolitan Queensland, with a student population of roughly 350 in the junior school (Prep -Year 6), taught by fifty-two teachers. School 04 is located near the senior school on a single campus.

Most boys who attend the school are not from the local area. There is a fairly diverse cultural mix of students at the school, although the majority are of Anglo-Saxon heritage. The parents of children from other countries are usually professionals whose cultural backgrounds include Indian, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Korean, Pakistani, French and British. A good understanding and use of English is a pre-requisite for enrolment at the school. There are some students at the school on Indigenous scholarships.

The playground is large, with a variety of spaces, and it is well resourced. There is a relaxed attitude to play, with very few rules that impact on play and no sense of prohibition. The boys are trusted to manage their own play with very little intervention from teachers.