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Miscellaneous Activity Death Weed

Physical Play, Play with Equipment/Props and Play with plants/garden materials

Death Weed is a game played with plants that occur naturally in the playground.


At School 04

Players: 3
Age: 11
Props: Sticks, rocks, vegetation

When first observed, the players were gathering what they called 'Deathweed' (a succulent) high up the escarpment (Map Ref: P.) and then 'planting' it or hiding it amongst vegetation/ground-cover closer to the flat surface of the P and F oval area - about waist high. The activity was then declared to be out-of-bounds by a duty teacher. This was followed by the boys chopping at the ground- cover plants with sticks. The boys then began playing with rocks which were 'chipping rocks', 'tombstones' or 'carving rocks'. This was at the lower level. They declared they could find and make ochre from the rocks and started to dig in the soil as if to find ochre making material. The players engaged in conversations throughout the play.

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