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Imaginative Play Making Pizzas

Imaginary Play and Play with Equipment/Props

Children like to pretend they are making food from a variety of items in the playground. Making Pizzas was one of a number of these games.


At School 04

Players: 2
Age: 10
Flowers and sticks from the playground

The boys made a 'pizza' using a rock as the base and natural materials as the toppings. They rubbed the juice from the stem of a plant onto the rock as the base, then added leaves, grass, Bougainvillea flower petals and little stones and dirt to complete the 'pizza'. They placed the special board on to some sticking-out roots of a tree and put the 'pizza' on to the board. This is how they always serve them.

The boys always play this game in the same place, in the bushes and trees of the garden at the end of the P and F Oval. We have since learned that this area is out of bounds because some boys were digging out the rocks and removing them, causing undermining of the steep slope. There really isn't anywhere else where the boys can play with natural materials.

At School 18

Players: 4
Age: 9
Clover and sticks from the playground and a plastc triangle

Four girls pounding clover with sticks on plastic triangle. Chefs making pizza.

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