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Imaginative Play Cooking Games

Imaginary Play and Play with Equipment/Props

Children will make believe that they are cooking and use props from the playground as ingredients and food.


At School 02

Players: 6
Age: 9
Props: Natural materials, leaves, flowers, sticks, tree, star picket, fruit seeds

The girls make various foods, e.g. 'sushi' rolls, 'dumplings', from leaves, flowers, etc. They use specific leaves and flowers for specific purposes, e.g. fallen Hibiscus flowers are opened and stuffed with small pieces of plants, then the petals closed together to make 'dumplings'. 'Dumplings' are also made by folding a large, fresh leaf around other plant material and tying it up with a piece of dried grass.

The 'dumplings' are placed at the base of a tree, between the trunk and a star picket which is next to the tree. This is the 'oven tree' and it is where the food is cooked.

They also 'plant stuff' in the garden - grape seeds, mandarin seeds, sunflower seeds from their lunches and snacks.

The girls say they are not allowed to pick leaves and flowers from the school gardens, but they sometimes need fresh leaves for their cooking, as dry leaves don't fold or roll without breaking.

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