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Ball Game Shooting For Goal

Ball Game, Physical Play and Play with Equipment/Props
Alternative Names
  • Basketball

Players shoot goals at the baskeball ring.


At School 07

Players: 12
Boys and Girls
Age: 9-12
Props: Basketball ring

On one occasion a boy was seen to be 'slam-dunking' (ie hanging on to the ring' without the ball.

At School 01

Players: 5
Age: 11
Props: Basketball ring and basketball

Shooting hoops on the basketball court. Each boy has own ball. No turn taking.

Players: 4
Age: 10
Props: Basketball ring and basketball

Shooting hoops on basketball court. Girls stand in line behind each other and take turns

At School 02

Players: 2
Age: 13
Props: Basketball ring and basketball. Some of the ball throwing was done as practice for an upcoming game.

At School 04

Players: 5
Age: 11-12

Four ball were in action

At School 08

Boy and Girls
Age: 8-10
Props: Basketball and hoop

A boy practising shooting baskets with a basketball on the asphalt basketball court. His little sister was standing just behind the hoop and retrieving the ball for him.

At School 10

Age: 6
Props: Basketball and hoop

The boys were taking turns in shooting baskets. No special rules had been devised and this was the first time they had played the game.

At School 03

Players: 6-8
Age: 9-12
Props: Basketball ring and basketball,

At School 06

Players: 3
Boys and Girls
Age: 11-13
Props: Basketball ring

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