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School School 07

Victoria, Australia
Government Primary School and Primary School

School 07 is a government, co-ed, Prep - 6 school in a metropolitan centre of Victoria with a small and ethnically diverse student population. Twenty staff (including many part-timers) teach 110 students, only two of which have an Anglo-Celtic cultural background. Most children are born in Australia, but their parents speak a language other than English at home.

The school grounds, visited by fieldworkers in Summer 2008, are not extensive and are enclosed by a tall 'cyclone' mesh fence. They are paved with concrete, although recent additions have included sandpits and a vegetable garden. Designated play areas such as the basketball court, a circular hopscotch area and the Prep play equipment have a 'soft fall' surface. The total area available for play is increased, however, because students have access to a grassed public space adjoining the school.

Fieldworkers described the atmosphere in the playground as generally positive and relaxed. Organised sporting activities are probably the only context in which different cultural heritage is acted out in the playground.


Policies impacting on play:

• 'No sticks'
• Tree climbing is discouraged.
• Running games are encouraged to be played in the grassed area i.e. outside the 'cyclone' wire fence.
• Ball games are encouraged to be played in the grassed area i.e. outside the 'cyclone' wire fence.
• Students are encouraged not to bring items/toys of value to school.
• Each class has a set/collection of sports equipment which students access for play.
• There is a 'no hat no play' policy. Students are required to play in the shade if without hats.
• "Students don't have mobile phones (If they are available) at school".

Student interpretation of school policies:

• No playing rough
• No playing tough
• No carrying sticks
• No going past green fence
• Running (games) on grass
• No chucking rubbish on floor