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Chasing Game Gang Up Tiggy

Chasing Game and Physical Play
Alternative Names
  • Gang Up Chasey (At School 06)

Gang Up Tiggy is a chasing game that began with participants crowding in a circle to determine 'it'. This was done by using a counting-out rhyme (Mickey Mouse had a house, etc). Once 'it' is determined there is a period of counting while the rest of the players disperse. Every time 'it' tags a player, that player then becomes a part of a 'gang' to chase and tag the


At School 07

Players: 14
Age: 7-10

At School 04

Players: Several
Age: 8

Players: do 'Twenty-one' to find out who is 'It'. 'It' chases the others, and when he tags someone the person tagged also becomes 'It' and helps to chase and 'tag' the others. The game continues until there is only one person left, with everyone else chasing him. When he is caught the game is over.

At School 05

Players: 5-6
Boys and Girls
Age: 6-10

Students playing on playground equipment using deck and slide. 'Gang-up tiggy' - Shade cloth area. AREA U

At School 06

Age: 9-11

Played at

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  • Twenty-One

    Used to determine who is it at School 04.