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School School 06

South Australia, Australia
Government Primary School and Primary School

Fieldworkers visited a South Australian school in a suburban fringe district in winter 2008. School 06 is a government, co-ed (K - Year 7) school with a population of 400 children taught by twenty-three teachers (fifteen classroom teachers). The student body is quite homogenous with most children coming from Anglo-Celtic, middle to high income socioeconomic backgrounds. The school is acknowledged as a high-achieving academic school, catering to a predominantly middle-class demographic.

The school is located on one campus and has extensive and well-kept grounds with most of the space being available for play. The playground is ringed along the perimeter (marked by a wire mesh fence) by old poplars, and has many pepper trees, eucalypts and olive trees. Flowering vegetation is often used by children in their play. There are a range of general rules to guide play, although the principal's view is that most rules only apply when a need arises. Some teaches suggest that the size of the playground and variety of play spaces is one reason why conflict in the school grounds is so rare.


School policies impacting on play:

  • No stcks
  • No interference with birds
  • No play in area in front of school administration building.
  • Various rules about use of Slippery Slide
  • No 'GAME BOYS'
  • Mobile phones are permitted, but under strict policies.
  • Pokemon cards are banned
  • IT room is open for use during lunchtime, however students are encouraged to be outside and involved in play.