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Ball Game Cricket

Ball Game and Play with Equipment/Props
Alternative Names
  • Bashball (At School 08)

Many children play forms of cricket at school if the equipment is available.


At School 14

Tippety cricket is played with a cricket bat and ball. Players: run if the ball is hit.

Players: 5
Age: 8-9
Props: Cricket Bat, Tennis Ball, Tree stump as wickets

At School 15

Players: 2
Age: 12
Cricket Bat and tennis Ball


Players: 4
Age: 9
Cricket Bat and tennis Ball

At School 11

Players: 25
girls and boys
Age: 10
Props: 4 plastic cricket bats, 4 sets stumps, tennis ball.

This was an introduced game during a structured PE lesson, by the PE teacher Matumba Isis. Duration of lesson is 60 mins
Did not video/record this, as it needed a whole class to play it and the consent forms did not cover this.

Two teams, one batting and one fielding. 4 stumps set up in the diamond shape, with a bowler in the middle. 4 batters, one at each set of stumps. The bowler bowls at any batter at the stumps. It doesn't matter whether the batter hits the ball or not, they need to run to the next set of stumps, ie all batters need to run. If the batter gets out, one of the other
members of the batting team takes their turn.

Bowler doesn't move - the team fields the ball back to the bowler. Bowler bowls underarm.

No wicket keeping.

Once you've run once around the 4 stumps, you swap with another team member.

At School 01

Players: 5
Age: 9
cricket bats and balls

Players: 10
Age: 12
cricket bats and balls

At School 04

Players: 6
Age: 5-7
plastic cricket bats and balls

Tip and run cricket played on the oval

At School 08

Players: up to 5 on each team
boys and girls
Age: 12
Tennis racquet small soft ball, set of stumps

One player is in, and has the tennis racquet. He/she stands in front of the stumps, inside a semi-circular batting area. Another player bowls the ball and tries to hit the stumps. The player who is in has to hit the ball away as far as possible and run to a certain point and back to the stumps again without going out. The player goes out if a) the ball is bowled and hits the stumps; b) the ball is hit in the air and caught by another player, c) the ball is thrown and hits his body below the waist when he is outside the safe area.

On other occasions boys were seen playing cricket with plastic bat and stumps on the grassed oval. Never more than 10 at a time.

A group of 3 children (2M, 1F approx 10 yo)) from the special education unit were observed standing under a tree talking about cricket. They had a ball, yellow plastic bat and stumps, but were not playing with them.

At School 18

(In May)

Players: 8
Age: 10-11

Cricket on asphalt.

At School 06

Played on oval area with correct cricket equipment.

Players: 3
Age: 5-7
Props: Cricket Bat, ball and wickets

Played at

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