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School School 15

Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Independent School and Primary School

School 15 is an independent school located in the ACT. It is a co-ed, non-denominational school, whose underlying system of ethics and values is Christian-based. 18 classroom teachers teach 420 children in the junior school. Although the school teaches K -12, K - 7 is on a separate campus from the senior school.

The campus spreads up an incline with classes, according to year level, being spread across the campus/hill. Classrooms have a strong connection to the surrounding landscape - the play areas attached to the classrooms are generous in size with an emphasis on nature as an inspiration for activity. Sticks, dirt, mud and foliage were in constant use in each playground. The distinct and separate play areas mean there is no playground interaction between the divided age groups.

The school philosophy holds the importance of play to be a central tenet. As one teacher observed, 'children from birth to seven years are intelligent in their play, they sense the world through their whole being, they think about the world through their play'. The school prefers not to have a uniform but a dress code of common sense and simplicity. Broad-brimmed or bucket hats are required for outdoors. Shorts, long pants, skirts and dresses must be of 'appropriate length' and tops must overlap or tuck in to pants or skirts.