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Miscellaneous Physical Play Truth or Dare

Language Play and Physical Play

Children sitting in a circle on the front asphalt area. A stick is spun around (as in spin the bottle). The participant it points to stands and is questioned by the spinner of the stick - "Truth or Dare?" The respondent answers one or the other. If the response is "Dare", one of the seated group concocts a dare which the respondent has to carry out. If the response is 'Truth', a question is asked and 'must' be answered truthfully. When this routine has been completed the respondent sits in the circle and the stick is spun again and the process begins again. Anyone can start the game. A bottle is sometimes used for spinning.


At School 09

Players: ?
Age: 11-12
Props: Small Chunky Stick

At School 15

Players: 2
Age: 4

Girls played Truth, dare, double dare, torture, kiss or promise

No text description. Video located at Museum Victoria.

At School 05

Players: 5
Age: 13

The girls sit on the seats around a table and one person spins a bottle or a shoe on the table. When it stops spinning, the person who spun the bottle asks 'Truth or dare?' and the person the bottle or shoe is pointing at has to choose one or the other. If she chooses 'truth', the spinner asks her a question and she has to reply with a truthful answer. If she chooses 'dare', the person who asked the question gives her a task to do as a dare.

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