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Miscellaneous Physical Play Teddy Bear

Language Play, Physical Play, Play with Equipment/Props and Skipping Game
Alternative Names
  • Koala Bear (At School 10)

Teddy Bear is a skipping game.


At School 16

Players: 8+
Age: 11-12
Props: skipping rope

Girls at School 16 Public School were familiar with the name of this skipping game, but not exactly sure how to perform the game.

At School 15

Players: 6-7
Age: 11-12
Props: skipping rope

No text description of skipping games. Video located at Museum Victoria.

At School 10

Players: 4
Age: 9
Props: skipping rope

Skipping game similar to the well known 'Teddy Bear'. They substituted the words "Koala Bear" for "Teddy Bear", in the rhyme, but did not use the complete text of 'Teddy Bear'.

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    Boys at School 04 knew this rhyme and used it when skipping.