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    A worn out hopscotch pattern still does the job

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    Many schools have astro-turf hopscotch courts now

Miscellaneous Physical Play Hopscotch

Forbidden Game, Jumping Game, Physical Play and Play with Equipment/Props
Alternative Names
  • Jumping (At School 07)

Hopscotch is a game where the children utilise a configuration of squares painted onto the asphalt (usually drawn by the children, or scraped/gouged into ground). One then throws an agreed object, for which these children had no name, onto a square to which they hop to and pick up the object - they progress through the configuration square by square until they reach the other end and then repeat the same on opposite leg - and so on.


At School 14

The current painted configurations were painted at the beginning of this year- under and beside this configuration was a faded previous painted version- and perhaps more interesting was a chalk drawn version created underneath the covered area of the playground. The principal explained that the school didn't like giving the children chalk because of the mess it would leave - they tended to use it under the covered areas where it didn't wash off when it rained.

Players: 5
Props: Hopscotch Court, Stones, sticks, flowers

Children are forbidden to pick up sticks

At School 07

Players: 2
Age: 7-8

Classic game of hopscotch whereby a small rock is used as taw and participants begin by throwing taw into first section of 'area' and hopping over it and progressing along the 'area', etc

At School 15

Players: 3
Age: 9

It appeared that this was a half remembered hybrid, more jumping than organised movements.

At School 01

Players: 2
Age: 8

Hopscotch on painted template. Stick used to throw into squares.

At School 08

Players: 5
Girls and Boys
Props: Hopscotch Court,

A boy and a girl were playing Hopscotch in the extra-long hopscotch pattern painted on the ground. They did not use a 'taw', and were just hopping from one number to another and out the other end.

At School 19

Players: 1-6
Age: 11
Props: Chalk, taw (stone, stick, woodchip),

The students describe the patterns they use and eventually the variations of taw they used although they were not familiar with the expression 'taw'. They explained that they might throw the stone, or beanbag into a square and then hop all the way to the other end and pick up the object on their way back. Other informants mentioned throwing a dice and hopping to the square shown on the dice.

At School 19

Props: Hopscotch Court, Play not observed, but the courts were drawn in chalk.

At School 18

Players: 2
Age: 5

Played on painted courts in the school ground

At School 05

Players: 1
Age: 7

Boy goes through the paces of playing hopscotch on hopscotch pattern. AREA X

Played at

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