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Miscellaneous Physical Play Clap-scotch

Clapping Game, Language Play, Physical Play and Play with Equipment/Props

Clap-scotch was played out in an extant long and extensive hopscotch pattern hand-drawn on the asphalt in chalk. There are no rules as to who begins the game. The taw (Small rock) is thrown along the hopscotch pattern and first player begins hopping till the taw is reached and then jumps over and continues hopping. The player turns to return on reaching the 10th space on the hopscotch pattern. The second player begins hopping along the hopscotch pattern as the first player turns and returns. If they crash into each other (which they inevitably do), they stop and begin a clapping game with a rhyme. They continue hopping after this encounter. The taw is collected by the first player on return journey. When both participants have returned to the base, the second player throws the taw and the process is repeated. When the next crash occurs, another clapping game begins, this time with a different rhyme. The game continues in similar method each time with a different clapping game and rhyme. The game finishes whenever.


At School 09

Players: 2
Age: 8-9
Props:Small Rock and handdrawn hopscotch pattern

The game was made-up by the two informants when "they were bored."

Clapping rhymes used: 'Lisa the Warrior', 'Miss Mary Mack', 'My Auntie Anna', 'Apple on a Stick', 'Concentrations 64'.

'Elastics' rhyme also used - 'England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, etc.'

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