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Language Play Concentration Game

Clapping Game and Language Play

This concentration game can involve a number of players. It requires players to chant a standard rhyme and clapping and then provide new information when the rhyme prompts and it is their turn.


At School 17

Players: 4
Age: 11

The Concentration Game Rhyme proceeds as follows:

Concentration, elimination,
Keep the rhythm,
Keep the rhythm to the beat.
Subject? Names,
Such as...

Each girl would say a name on the beat. If you repeat a name or do not deliver one in time to the beat you are out. Rhyme chanted at the beginning of each round until someone is out.

The Subject can change from names, to countries to animals, etc.

At School 09

Players: 2
Age: 8-9

Players: say a rhyme and then each takes turns to say a word without repeating themselves or missing the rhythm.

The rhyme here is less complex than at School 17 and the clapping is a little different.

At School 05

Players: 4
Age: 11

In this example the subject is fruit, but anything could be chosen. Players: have to keep the clapping rhythm while saying the name of something in the subject category when it is their turn. Words are not allowed to be repeated one after the other, e.g. if someone says 'apple', and then the next person says 'apple' the second person is out. This is called 'doubles'. Players: can repeat a word if someone has said a different word beforehand, e.g. 'apple', 'pear', 'apple'…

Clapping action: Clap own hands, clap right knee, clap left knee. (Clapping action has three beats while the rhyme has four beats to a line.)


Concentration navigate.
Keep the rhythm,
Keep the rhythm moving.
(Clap, clap) Start now…
(First person) Banana
(Second person) Apple
(Third person, Pear, etc. around the circle)

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