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School School 19

Tasmania, Australia
Government Primary School and Primary School

Fieldworkers visited School 19, a K -12 co-ed, government school in Tasmania, in winter 2009. The total school population is nearly 700, with 170 in the junior school being taught by 12 teachers. Years 11 and 12 are on a separate campus, and the range of ages, from K - 10, at the campus visited by fieldworkers gave it very different feel from other schools visited, even with age segregation implemented.

The physical structures (play spaces, classrooms) required for teenagers and early childhood are both catered for in the same school. The school was established last century but has undergone major refurbishements. It presents well and is neat and tidy, with one fieldworker describing it as 'the most modern, purpose built school I have seen in the project'. Increasing safety concerns have influenced the content and direction of play in the school ranging through space design, play frame equipment and surfacing to game areas as well as restrictions and bans that reach even to physical contact between children.