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Imaginative Play Pokemon Games

Dramatic Play and Imaginary Play

Children play games based on the televsion program 'Pokemon'.


At School 01

Players: 3
Boys and female
Age: 8
Props: Tree roots and bark

Pokemon fantasy play. Invisible walls carved into dirt under tree. Walls protect children from danger. Small bridge built from bark. Fire swords and fire balls involved.

At School 04

Players: 4
Age: 9

Some boys said they also play 'Pokemon', which is based on the TV show.

At School 19

Players: 2
Boys and Girls
Age: 8

There is a recording that goes into some detail of the game.

At School 13

Players: 3
Age: 12-13
Props: climbing wall which is part of the playground equipment

This game involved ascending a climbing wall, which had footholds built into it and on reaching the top straddling it. The boys pretended that they had captured a certain character in the Pokemon cards.

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