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Imaginative Play Predator

Dramatic Play and Imaginary Play

Some dramatic play, like Predator, involves supernatural and scence fiction elements.


At School 08

Players: 3
Age: 11-12

The boys each have a fictional character name ('Marxsia', 'Grudon' and 'Brudon'), which they made up themselves. In the game there are imaginary people who are trying to catch them to clone them, so they go around finding them and cutting them up. They move around, simulating battles and pretending to cut people up, and escaping from them.
The boys play this game on and around the concrete platform, steps and rose garden where the Australian flag is located, and under the nearby trees. While I was watching they got yelled at by a teacher for walking on the garden.
There maybe Pokemon elements to this game - because Grudon is a name used in Pokemon

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