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School School 01

Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Government Primary School and Primary School

A metropolitan school located in the ACT, school 01 is a K-6, co-ed, government school. At the time of fieldwork (Spring 2009), the student population was roughly 380 students, taught by twenty-two teachers on a single, well resourced, campus.

Children of non-English speaking backgrounds and some new arrivals are amongst the student body. For the most part, children are from comfortable socio-economic backgrounds. The school was described as having a 'private school vibe' despite being a government school. Discipline is strict and a school uniform policy is adhered to.

Fieldworkers identified a positive playground atmosphere. Children roamed over most of the two areas of junior and senior playgrounds, confidently, without too many restrictive rules and regulations. Large grassy areas and interesting trees were favourite locations for play during fine weather and there are paved areas like tennis and basketball courts which provide areas for handball play.