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Construction Play Building a compound

Construction Game and Play with Equipment/Props
Alternative Names
  • Wizardtown Constructions (At School 19)

Building a compound involves children using a variety of materials to create structures.


At School 01

Players: 1
Age: 10
Props: sticks, stones and foliage

Building a miniature compound called 'Base 1'. A tent, store room, fence and gate are constructed using sticks, stones and green foliage from the heritage redwood trees. Child playing on own. After explanation of game, I am told, "You can go now."

At School 19

Players: 4
Age: 10
Props: Broken glass, sticks, banksia cones, feathers, dirt, African

In an area of loose soil near a school fence, the boys had created a town. Digging with sticks they had built caves where the earth had eroded and dropped down 15cms. Each cave was custom built. One had a security camera and glass shield, another had a glass collection, a third was still under construction. Next to the caves were four mounds of earth - temples. Earth was scooped out of the temples to house a representation of each boy. Two were conical African Protea flowers, one - a banksia cone, and the fourth, a rock. An aeroplane constructed from bark sits alongside one cave. The boys were wizards, teaching younger children magic 'spells'.
A connected compound exists nearby - a military base with an earth wall, a gold mine and camouflage (foliage).

Players: 1
Age: 9

making a little town out of sticks, quite detailed

At School 18

Players: 5
Age: 8
Props: sticks, stones and foliage

Built behind a Boulder. A construction using gum leaves, twigs, gum nuts bark and sticks that has multiple imaginary identities: 1.Making a race track for rally cars and a 2. pretend fire and 3.jumps.

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