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Imaginative Play Building a House

Construction Game, Imaginary Play, Physical Play and Play with Equipment/Props
Alternative Names
  • Building a miniature Hut (At School 18)
  • Cubbies (At School 19)
  • Making as House (At School 19)

Children will use a variety of materials to construct houses.


At School 16

Players: 2
Age: 9
Props: She Oak twigs, dirt and gravel

One boy was playing under the tree, sweeping the dirt with a twig and then laying she oak twigs over the swept area. He explained that he was making a house. The following day he had a friend who was helping him. Both of them were engaged in building a house.

At School 19

Players: 3-7
Boys and girls
Age: 11
Props: Twigs, sweet sticks, leaves, fronds

At a location the other side of the oval to the school buildings, the girls and one boy constructed a cubby house out of sticks dug into the ground and standing vertical much the same way as miniature telegraph poles. The area enclosed by the oval shaped area of standing sticks had been swept clear of debri and was a clear earthen floor. Around the outside of the sticks they had lain twigs and fronds. During a recorded interview we were told there was a shop component to the game utilising imaginary produce and that there were lolly pop sticks included in one of the constructions.


Players: 3-
Age: 11
Props: Tree, branches with foliage (broom), plastic coloured bubble-blowing sticks, sticks, foliage (garden content)

Students have made a cubby house using the over-hanging foliage of a tree as the roof. Inside the cubby, the girls sweep the dirt floor with a leafy-ended branch. A leaf 'garden' is next to the floor, and around that is a series of vertical sticks in the ground that act as a fence. The girls are 3 bear sisters and this is their home. Next to the tree trunk are two coloured plastic sticks, sticking out of the dirt. The green one is for safety. The red is for danger. Somehow the plastic sticks inform the bears if it is safe or too dangerous to leave their home.

At School 18

Players: 2
Age: 9-10
Props: Twigs, bark, gumnuts.

Miniature hut building with bark, gumnut men.


Players: 2
Age: 9-10
Props: Various naturally occuring items in the playground

Cubby in shrub. Fire-exit/entrance. Stumps for seats/viewing platform. Branches woven together.

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