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Miscellaneous Physical Play Elastics

Language Play and Physical Play

Two people stand with elastic wrapped around their ankles,while other people take turns to perform the a vareity of jumping routines successfully. Once completed then the elastics move up to knees, then hips and so forth. When the person jumping misses, they become one of the people at either end of the elastic.


At School 15

Players: 3
Age: 10

No text description. Video located at Museum Victoria.

Girls would also use rhymes like Tinker Tailor soldier sailor and England Ireland Scotland Wales while playing the game

At School 15

Players: 4
Age: 10
Props: commercially available elastic game

The elastic was a present from one of the girls' mothers. They would chant rhymes such as 'England Ireland, Scotland Wales, inside outside Puppy dogs tails' - learned from mother

At School 08

Played but no detailed descriptions.

Played at

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