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    Playing on computers as a form of quiet play

Miscellaneous Activity Computer Play

Computer Play, Dramatic Play, Games with Technology and Out of School Hours activity

Some schools allow children to use computers as part of their play activities.


At School 17

Four children were using webcam in their classroom to make short films. They would loosely agree on a story line, dress up in costume, record the drama and then add electronic effects (such as artificial rain) to the footage. Thus they were using an umbrella to pretend they were in the rain. In one of the short films, one of the girls married a toaster.

The films weren't exactly serious but revolved around imaginary scenarios such as the above. As mentioned above these four students were engaging in computer play at least once a day over the three-day observation period.

At School 11

The computer play activities were observed on two separate occasions: once during ordinary school hours and once during adfter care.

1. During school hours children congregate in the library during the transition between the dry and wet season (mango madness) due to the big increase in heat/humidity. Most find it too hot to play games in the playground.

The games the children were accessing were called Targeting Maths. There are 3-4 levels associated with the Age: level of the children. Each level has about 12 different activities to engage the children in, ranging from the 4 operations to time, distance, length, 2D/3D shapes, volume, patterns etc.

Players: 18
Girls and Boys
Age: 5-6

2. This activity was observed in Outside School Hours Care (OSHC). The school day finishes at 2:35pm. The children are in OSHC from 2:35 to 5:30pm.

After afternoon tea, most children tend to go inside to play games in the units, especially as the humidity of the afternoon increases. This was very evident during our time at the centre. These children, over the age of 8 years played computer games. They are limited to the amount of time they can play computer games, usually being half an hour or so. The game on the Playstation, was Chicken Little and the game on the computer was Crazy Frog Racer No 2.

Players: 4
Girls and Boys
Age: 8-10

At School 01

Players: 2
Age: 8
Props: Hand held calculator

Writing on calculator using numbers then turning screen upside down to read the word.

At School 08

A photograph, but no description exists.

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