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Imaginative Play Halo

Dramatic Play, Forbidden Game and Imaginary Play

Halo is a game based on a computer game of the same name.


At School 02

Players: 2
Age: 9
Props: Sticks. Note that playing with sticks is banned so this probably would have been a forbidden game.

Two boys were playing behind the old Pre-school building, close to the school boundary fence. They were creeping along, looking around as they went, and one boy had a big stick, which he was holding like a shooting weapon. When they saw me, they started to run away until I called out that they weren't in trouble - I think they were playing in an out-of-bounds area. They were playing HALO, a game based on a computer game of the same name. The stick was a 'baddie detector' and for finding 'where there's parasites, because when you're dead they crawl into your body and you become a "flood"'. A "flood" can go anywhere and go into other people's bodies.

Both boys are keen computer games players, and one boy's father also plays lots of computer games.

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