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School School 11

Northern Territory, Australia
Government Primary School and Primary School

School 11, a government, K - 6, co-ed school with a population of roughly 520, is located in the Northern Territory and was visited at the end of 2008 during the season the locals refer to as 'mango madness'. Conditions were very hot and humid.

The local area around School 11 could be described as primarily, although not exclusively, middle class in socio-economic terms. The school is culturally diverse, and includes many students for whom English is their second language and some new arrivals. Some of the staff (there are 33 teachers, 9 ancillary staff and 19 support staff) have similar backgrounds which have informed their approach to teaching. There are also a number of Indigenous students, with support from an Aboriginal Resource Officer and special tutoring for Indigenous children with identified needs. There is an element of transience to the population as several of the parents are employed in the Australian Defence Forces.

Children at the school enjoy a very large and attractive, green and varied playground area, that includes open treed areas, some areas covered by lattice/sailcloth, an extensive cricket pitch/oval and with some adjoining tables and chairs, undercover basketball courts, a sanded area with play equipment such as swings and monkey bars, and various smaller areas between buildings.

The school is known for practising a holistic approach designed to nurture the 'whole person'. The school has an emphasis on the importance of the values of respect, honesty and responsibility. Play is a central to this philosophy.