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Teacher Organised Activity Rapid Fire

Ball Game and Physical Play

Rapid Fire was a ball game played at School 11.


At School 11

Players: 25
Girls and Boys
Age: 10
Props: plastic cricket bat, witches hat, 4 tennis balls

Two teams of children, one fielding and batting. Stumps set up, with about 2 metres from these there are 4 witches' hats with a ball on top, placed about half metre from each other. (See photo 371). The batting team lines up at the stumps, batter takes bat and hits the ball off each witches hat. The aim is to hit the balls as far as possible. On hitting the last ball the bat is dropped and while the other team attempts to get the balls back to the hats, the batter runs between the first witches hat and the stumps. The score in the number of runs each batter acquires. As the children improve their batting skills, incorporation of the second set of stumps is the next step. Children can select from which end they wish to hit the balls and then run to the nearest set of stumps.

This game was introduced during a structured PE lesson, by the PE teacher Matumba Isis. Duration of lesson is 60 mins.
Did not video/record this, as it needed a whole class to play it and the consent forms did not cover this.

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