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Play with Toys Playing with cars

Imaginary Play and Play with Equipment/Props

Children play with toy cars sometime that have been provided by the school and sometimes brought from home.


At School 11

The boys were utilising the dirt between patches of grass as roads and driving their cars on this. These 'roads' covered and area of about 5 metres square. They basically drove their cars around, at times overtaking each other

Players: 3
Age: 9
Props: Commerically available matchbox cars - provided by the school.

At School 04

Players: 4
Age: 10
Props: small, die-cast metal cars brought from home and a sloping path.

Two boys had brought their small die-cast metal cars to school, and were rolling them down a sloping path leading to the Junior Oval. Two other boys were involved in the game, but did not have cars. One of the boys said that he hadn't brought his cars because he 'didn't know that it was on', but he intended bringing them tomorrow.

The boys play this game in the same place every day. It is a concrete path with a sufficient slope for the cars to get up some speed. The boys bring different cars and 'test' them, to see which ones go the fastest and don't tip over.

At the top of the path, and close to where the boys play is a road - part of the school's internal ring road. The teachers have tried to persuade them to move somewhere else, and even suggested using a bridge from the play equipment, over the fence to the path alongside the oval, but the boys won't budge from their favourite spot.

Also observed being played by

Players: 4
Age: 9
Props: Small die-cast model cars, rocks, timber board (500x100x30 mm approx)

Play activity began with four participants running their die-cast model cars on the concrete as they sat and ate lunch together beneath the Undercroft. When dismissed from lunch they proceeded towards the P and F oval stopping off briefly to run the cars down the incline (Map Ref: I. ) and then making their way to the escarpment at the P and F oval (Map Ref: O.). Here they used rocks and cars to dig holes in the soil and make 'homes' for their cars. The rocks were also used as building materials to make homes for their cars. The boys also used the cars for play (as cars). A model police car previously lodged some distance up the rock escarpment was pointed out and discussions held as to how it might have got there and how it might be retrieved. A timber board was recovered from the nearby vegetation and it came into play as an incline for the cars to run down. Dirt/gravel was 'poured' on to the surface of the board to replicate a road. The duty teacher approached, declaring the area out-of-bounds and told the boys they weren't to interfere with the rocks and vegetation. The boys relocated a short distance along in the same

At School 18

Players: 4
Age: 10-11

Fantasy. Metal car used for drive-through restaurant play.


Players: 5
Girls and Boys
Age: 4
Props: sticks, dirt, matchbox cars

Creating a mini dirt race track around mushroom shaped seat. Digging with sticks, making car noises, using matchbox cars.

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