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Chasing Game Scarecrow Tiggy

Chasing Game

In Scaregrow Tiggy, players chase each other in defined areas. If you are tigged, you have to stand with your arms straight out by your sides and your legs apart. If someone climbs through them withoug getting tigged they can free you, otherwise they become he.


At School 17

At School 11

Players: 10+
Girls and Boys
Age: 6-7

Played at

  • School 11
  • School 17

    Is played between two fences. Each of the fences serves as a safe place and players run between the two fences. Of note is that 'barley' (or safe place to rest) is used rarely. As a number of students relayed, barley is only established when there is a general consensus that players are getting tired. There appeared to be no favoured barley areas.

    Date: 2008