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Imaginative Play Magical Things

Imaginary Play and Play with Equipment/Props
Alternative Names
  • Casting Spells (At School 03)
  • Making wishes (At School 03)

Children imagine magical objects and play with them.


At School 01

Players: 2
Girls and Boys
Age: 6
Props: Twigs and Rocks

Children have each found a magical object: An invisible ink pen (heritage tree twig), a magic key (concrete rubble) which makes the keeper invisible, and a peeping object (concrete rubble) to see the invisible witch through. The invisible witch has light brown hair, white clothes and red eyes. She feels sharp with her long fingernails and is wet and slippery.

At School 03

Players: 2
Age: 9
Props: pond and bird bath (no water).

"We make wishes and throw things into it"


Players: 1
Age: 9

Making spell in a bucket hanging in a tree with sand and water. (illegal to use water) She talks to ghosts. Once she saw one hanging out the washing. It was pinkish and purplish and blue-ish

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