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Miscellaneous Activity Dogs and Spies

Imaginary Play

Dogs and Spies is a form of imaginary play where children pretend to be spies walking a dog.


At School 19

Players: 3
Age: 6

One child is the dog, walking on hands and knees, accompanied by two child 'spies'. They spy on "people who aren't being 'hands free'." (hurting someone with inappropriate physical contact)

This game later morphs into the 'dog' crawling through the open legs of the standing boys previously being spied upon. Three boys stand with their legs akimbo. The 'dog' crawls through a pair of legs, then rears up at the last moment, knocking the standing child over backwards onto the grass. Repeats with next standing child.

Play influenced by school behaviour policy: 'Hands Free' play, implemented to curtail physical play becoming violent. This area of grass is frequently used for rough physical play, primarily, although not exclusively, by boys. A child's shoulder is broken whilst playing in the same area during lunchtime play.

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